Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vanilla Cranberry Fro-Yo Bites

Spring is here... allegedly!!!  We woke up to snow this morning believe it or not, but regardless of the outside temperatures the calendar says it's spring so I'm clinging to that claim with the hope that it will be here soon.  So in honor of the changing season I decided to try a great idea that has been floating around pinterest lately... frozen yogurt dots!!!  But of course I wanted to try and put my own twist on it so instead of just using flavored yogurt I tried vanilla yogurt and added chewy dried cranberries for a different flavor and texture and WOW are they good.  I think you could go crazy with this basic idea and add raisin, chopped nuts, granola... really any fun little nugget to add taste and texture. Oh the possibilities... but first things first here's the basic method to the madness.
You need some yogurt, a plastic storage bag, a cookie sheet and your choice of topping.
To get the yogurt into the bag without making a horrible mess I put the bag into a bowl and folded the sides over the edge then added the yogurt.  This gets the yogurt all the way to the bottom without making a mess or wasting a bunch of your yogurt.
Now just twist the open end of the bag, squeezing the yogurt down to one corner.  It should now look like a pastry or icing bag.
Next just snip that tiny end of the bag off and squeeze away.
The size of the dots really is up to you, mine varied between the size of a nickle and a quarter.  One half of my tub of yogurt filled this entire cookie sheet.
Now I just added one dried canberry to the top of each mound of yogurt.
Finally place this glorious tray into your freezer for about and hour... I know the suspense is killing me too :)
And ta-da.. that's it!  These yummy, healthy treats are ready to eat and oh so delicious.  
The few that you don't eat right away just pop into a freezer bag or plastc container and hide deep in the depths of your freezer so you can sneak them out later and assure there will still be some left.
Or if you are far more selfless than I am.. put them in a visable spot, they will definitely be devoured by days end but the great thing about these little snacks is they are soooooo easy to make so you can just wip up another batch :)
Little kids and big kids give these two thumbs way up!

Enjoy, Lindsey :)

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