Monday, March 26, 2012

Jute Webbing Wedding Banner

A family friend is getting married and I wanted to do something for her shower so I decided to finally put my "jute love" to good use.  If you haven't used it, jute webbing is usually used inside upholstered chairs, but this fun rustic material is too fabulous to be hidden by stuffing and fabric.  At a whopping .67 cents a yard.. the price is right too!  I did this project during a nap time and I think it turned out cute.  I also added their soon to be new last name... but my lens isn't wide enough to get it all in, hopefully you get the idea!
I started with 3 yards of jute, you can find it at most fabric stores often near the upholstery tools (I actually bought this at Walmart in the fabric section).  You can just cut squares or get as creative as you like.  I used the cardboard from the inside of a fat quarter, cut it to match the width of the webbing to limit the number of cuts then I just cut one side to form a point.
I cut all 3 yards and got 15 of these pieces.
To personalize the banner I used some inexpensive stencils centered on the shapes...
and with a little black acrylic paint and a foam brush...
dabbed on the paint until the open spaces of the stencil were completely filled in.
Quick and cute!
Now just finish the letters for whatever you want to spell out.
Let the letters dry.  Don't worry, this happens quickly.
To string the letters together I used a piece of red cording (.50 cents a yard) and with the sharp end of one side of a pair of scissors made two small holes in each piece to weave the cord through.
 Finally just hang and enjoy!  I think it is cute for a shower or birthday party, even a summer BBQ. It was well worth the few dollars and small amount of time it took to make.

Hope you like it :)

Enjoy, Lindsey

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