Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Glitter Flats with a TWIST!

Oh Glitter how I LOVE YOU!  After re-vamping a thrift store clutch recently with some glitter and glue I am officially addicted.  Ever since I have been wanting to try the technique on some shoes, but thought they looked a little too Wizard of Oz for me without adding a funky twist.  So I grabbed some fabric and this is what I came up with.  The fabric can be tied into a sweet bow or twisted and knotted for another look.
Not too shabby for a couple bucks... HUH?
As you can see I am once again a BIG SPENDER :)  These were on sale for $3.00!
To change the drab tan flats to fabulous I mixed a little Mod Podge and gold glitter.  This was one tube of glitter and a little less than half a cup of glue.  
This step is easy but takes a little patience.  Brush on the glue, covering all parts of the shoe.  If you are a perfectionist you could tape off the sole to make sure the glitter doesn't bleed... I am not :) Try to keep the layers thin, this helps dry faster but it doesn't have to be perfect.  By the time you do a couple coats any area that you missed initially will be plenty sparkly. Just make sure to cover the glue along the way so it doesn't dry out.
For the ties I just grabbed some scrap fabric I had on hand. You could also use ribbon or a scarf, whatever you have laying around.  To make the ties I cut four strips a little more than 12 inches long and about 3 inches wide... sewed each piece right sides together along the two long and one short sides.  Be sure to leave the one short side open so you can turn the tubes right side out.
A pencil or skewer work great to make sure all the corner are turned out, once you do that give them a quick press and they are ready to attach.
You can absolutely sew these ties on, but I am lazy and thought sewing through all that glue might be  a little tough.. so why not use MORE GLUE??? :) This time a little Gorilla Super Glue does the trick.
I pinched in the sides of that open end to help hide where I was gluing it.
Now just line the edge with glue...
Press that edge to the side of the shoe.  You want the fabric to fall down instead of over the shoe right now because you are going to bring it over the shoe later and completely cover any evidence of glue.
Let the glue dry completely and that's it!  Flip the ties over the shoe towards the center and finish them off.
Either with a sweet bow.
Or twist the ties and then add a few knots for another look.
Either way these are fun and cost less than $5.. including the shoes!!!
Quite a difference huh?  So go find some shoes in your closet that you no longer wear or that need an update and glitter away.

I can't wait to wear these.  Let me know if you give this a try!

Good Luck, Lindsey :)


  1. Hailey and I did this with a pair of her American Girl Doll shoes. They turned out so cute and at 9 years old, and was a great craft for her to do all on her own

  2. Yay!!! I am so glad that Hailey had fun :) Thanks for all the great support... you ladies rock :)