Monday, July 30, 2012

Painted End Tables

I found two of these 70's end tables for a steal a few months ago and as you can see they have been gathering dust in my garage until I finally got around to tackling them.  They aren't anything fancy but for the few dollars I invested I thought with a little paint and one nap time they could work in my guest bedroom. 
 I've never really been that find of yellow, but recently I've been seeing bright yellow with gray and I keep coming back to that combination.  So I decided this would be a good place to try out a wacky color.  I used the brightest yellow spray paint I could find at Home Depot, Rust-oleum in Sun Yellow.  
 Two cans of spray paint, two tables and two hours later this is how it turned out!
The room isn't done yet, I still need to work on the headboard and add so fun pillows but it is a start. From the 70's to sunshine for a few bucks, not too bad huh?!?

Hope you like it!

Lindsey :)

1 comment:

  1. VERY impressive and I love that shade of yellow.

    I really need to learn how to paint old furniture properly. Thank you for the inspiration.