Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY Stain Spray

Since making my homemade laundry detergent last week I have totally jumped onto the DIY cleaning bandwagon!!!  I have been so impressed by how well that simple recipe worked on my clothes and how inexpensive it was that I wondered what other products could I make???  I mean just think of all the shoes I could buy... I mean money I could save for the kids college if I found a few more great money saving recipes :)  So I tried a simple mix that claimed to be like Shout stain remover... and I'll be darned IT WORKS!!!  Once again I'm kicking myself for waiting SOOOOOOO long to actually try this!  To make it, this is what you need.
DIY Stain Remover Recipe:
2/3 cup Dawn
2/3 cup Ammonia
6 tablespoons baking soda
2 cups warm water
*a spray bottle
Mix all of the ingredients together until everything is combined.  I used a generic "Dawn" and it still works great, you just want to make sure the baking soda is dissolved into the liquids.
Put it into a spray bottle (I got this one at the Dollar Store, but you could totally re-use one you already have) and you are done!  A noticed that a small amount of the baking soda did settle at the bottom of the spray bottle after sitting overnight, this is probably because I have no patience and should have stirred the mix a little better, but I just gave it a good shake and it still works perfect!  Watch out stains you are no match for this stuff, just give the bottle a shake, spray it on like you would any other stain spray to pre-treat a spot and then wash as usual.  My kids are rough on clothes and so far this and my new DIY Detergent have won every laundry battle :)  It's sad but true, I'm actually kind of excited to see stains now to give my spray another challenge!!!
 I'm now totally addicted to seeing what I can make. I feel a little like a mad scientist, but I figure I already have all the ingredients now why not try a few more :)

So stay tuned, but until then....

Spray Away, Lindsey :)


  1. Make sure you are not using bleach if you use ammonia. They will have a chemical reaction.

  2. I have used this as a stain treatment on clothes that were washed in bleach and it was fine. The chemical concerns are more of you put ammonia and bleach in a bottle or laundry soap together.