Sunday, January 8, 2012

Extra Long Scarf Becomes Fun Infinity Scarf in Minutes!

I bought this super long scarf a couple years ago because I thought it would be really fun to wrap around a few times and still have some to hang down.  But the reality is I have NEVER worn it!  Every time I went to put it on all I could imagine was trying to use the restroom or do anything for that matter and still keep this silly scarf off the ground and anywhere else it shouldn't be!  Yeah, not really the glamorous vision I had when I bought it :)  But when I came across it the other day I thought maybe there was hope for it yet!  I really love infinity scarves right now, the kind that are basically a big circle and you can wrap them around a few times for a "cowl" look.
So I decided these feet of fun black and white, could be reborn!
To my surprise when I cut the scarf in half it wasn't just one flat piece of knit it was already a tube.  But if you have a long scarf or piece of material that isn't a tube, no problem just sew the ends together and you are done.
Since mine was a tube, I pinned together the insides of the knit (or maybe a better way of explaining is if the scarf was folded in half with the cut sides at the top.. the two pieces from each side that are touching) slowly sew those together moving the material around bringing the sides together as you go.  Being careful to keep the bottom side away from the needle as you are moving until you get almost all the way around and cant move the material anymore.
 Now just turn it right side out...
...through that opening that is left and hand stitch the opening shut.  Literally in a few minutes you are done!
This not only turned something "destined for donation" into a new trendy scarf, but there was enough material to make two. This are how they looked, one loop and doubled over. I gave one as a gift and naughty me.. kept the other for MYSELF :)
 Super quick and easy!  So glad I gave this scarf a second chance :) 
I just hope my sad attempt at modeling hasn't caused you permanent damage!

Enjoy, Lindsey :)

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