Thursday, August 15, 2013

Easy Beginner Chunky Crochet Bow Toddler Scarf

Procrastinating is one of my many useless talents, and while perfecting my craft I saw a little girls scarf on Pinterest, the blog and tutorial (found here) are great but it was a knitting pattern and I don't knit heck I barely crochet... barely.  But I still thought it was too cute not to try so instead of exercising, cleaning or doing anything on my long to-do list I decided to make a scarf.  It has a bow, so I'm claiming insanity based on sheer cuteness! 

My great grandmother taught me a few crochet stitches when I was 10, but I hadn't picked up a hook since that summer until about a year ago, I won't date myself by admitting just how long that has been but it's safe to say it's been AWHILE!

So I watched a few you tube videos and made a few small things, but I've never tried a scarf.  I decided dipping my toe into those waters by making a small scarf for my favorite little diva.

And she loves it!!!

I don't know anything about crochet patterns so I just started experimenting.  I'm sure there are great patterns out there, but if you are a newbie like me and want to try something simple this is how I did it.. and trust me if I can make it ANYONE can.

For the scarf I chained 11, then turned and double crochet back through the chains, chaining one at the end before turning and double crocheting back the other way. I just went back and forth until I got the length I wanted for my little one, for her it was about 50 rows. Then I single crocheted around the entire edge to finish it off.  For the yarn a used a super soft chunk off white yarn (From Walmart) and a J hook.  For the bow I used a chunky grey yarn and the same hook.  To make that, you just make a rectangle and cinch the center together with yarn to form the bow.  For this bow I chained 15 (because I wanted it wider than the scarf) then turned and again double crocheted into each chain, chaining one at the end and continuing to make rows until I liked the size (5 rows) and then finished the edge all the way around with single crochets.

To attach the bow and hold the two sides together, I used the ends of the yarn I tied around the center of the bow and threaded them through the top scarf piece, then pulled those through a small button directly behind the bow.

Because the scarf is so chunky you don't even need a button hole, you just slip it through a stitch in the center of the bottom side of the scarf.

The yarn cost less than $6, pretty cute for a few dollars and a little tv time!

I can hardly wait for fall so my little munchkin can wear it!  We really need to get her to break out of her shell... haha!

  If you are looking for a cute, easy project this is a definite must try.

PS.. If you are a REAL crochet expert (unlike this super newbie) I welcome any advice :)



  1. I absolutely love this! I am a fairly newbie. My grandma taught me knit and crochet both. I have several friends who want me to make this for their daughters and pay me to do it. Are you ok if I make and sell using your pattern? Of course with giving you all the credit on the pattern! :)

    1. Kayla you are too sweet!! I am no expert, in fact I totally winged it, but it turned out so cute I had to share. So absolutely use this to make some in fact please make a bunch and enjoy!!!! I love helping out other women and wish you tons of success :) Thanks so much for checking out my blog, please come back soon and let me know how they turn out!!!

      Take Care, Lindsey :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, this is absolutely adorable!

  3. This is absolutely adorable!!! I'm going to try to make this toddler version and then possibly experiment with an adult version! I'll let you know how it goes!

  4. I made up my own pattern for that same knit scarf! Instead of using a button, I made a hike for the bow!
    I used super bulky yarn. And rows of 10, about 5 rows in, I dc 3, ch 4 skip 4 and dc the last 3. Ch 1 and turn, then crocheted across for a total of 10 again. I just repeated this until I reached the length I wanted. Then made a bow and stitched it about 5 rows up on the other side. When worn, the bow goes the the hole and keeps it secured

    Hope that makes sense

    1. Oops. Silly phone. I ment a hole for the bow, not hike

  5. Finally one that I can make, as I'm relearning the things my grandmother taught me. Thank you for the great idea now I have to get busy!!!

  6. Very cute!! Could I ask you for measurements? Like how many I’m hes across and how many inches long? Thanks!!