Friday, August 16, 2013

Easy No Sew Bow Workout Tank From Dollar Store Tees

I'm really, really, really trying to be more consistent about exercising, some days I manage to get it done, but not always so to motivate myself (hey bribery works for my toddlers) I thought why not make a few cute new workout shirts because you never know who might stumble into my garage and actually catch me working out.

I've seen a few of these cut out t-shirt tanks online so I though I would just grab some scissors and wing it!!! I found these two t-shirts at the dollars store, one pink and one really dark grey.  For $2 why not give it a whirl, plus who doesn't want to cut up a shirt, stress relief in an instant!

To get a general outline I used another exercise tank as a pattern. 

I did the same for the second t-shirt, saving the scrap material for later.

For the back I cut in towards the center from the bottom of each arm hole and then angled back to the top leaving a triangle section in the center.  Then cut just around the collar to remove the finished edge.  You can make that as deep or as modest as you want.

Now for the bow, take one of the sleeves and cut off the bottom hem and then make another cut about two inches up.

Now, move the side seems of the sleeve to the center and use the hem piece wrapped around the center like a rubber band to form the bow.

Next, use a small strip of left over sleeve and slip it through the center on the back of the bow.

Then, use that small strip to tie the bow to the bottom of the upside down triangle section you left in the back of the tank and finally snip off any excess.

I made two, borrowing a sleeve from the other color to make the contrasting bow.

These took just a few minutes, and only cost $2.

The pink version I kept the front and back necklines higher, and for the dark grey I cut out more of the t-shirt.

Since, the t-shirt won't unravel you don't have to sew anything.

But they are still super cute.  There is even plenty of left over material to make another bow or fabric flower to add to the front if you want.

Pretty cute, makes me almost want to exercise....

Tomorrow!! :)

So grab a $1 t-shirt, raid your closet or even better your husband's and make one today!


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