Thursday, August 8, 2013

Old School Chalkboard Desk Makeover

I found this old school desk at a thrift store for a steal ($5) several months ago, it had been poorly painted and since rusted but it had great potential so of course I bought it and it has been sitting in my growing stash ever since.  I finally got around to fixing it up a few weeks ago and it turned out even better than I had planned... I love it when that happens!  Much better than the alternative, believe me those happen a lot too ;)

I did this project during a nap time, so in the need to rush before my little helpers woke up I didn't take pictures along the way but it was really simple. I wiped down the entire desk with TSP, a great cleaner that you find in the paint section. TSP cuts through grease and grime and is a great tool to use before painting any furniture. 

Next, I painted the entire desk including the top with spray primer, I used the reddish brown primer from Krylon instead of the white because red seems to take many coats to actually be red instead of pink when you use white.

Then I spray painted everything in bright red, also from Krylon.  Two coats and then I taped off the top and sprayed two coats of spray chalkboard paint because who doesn't love chalkboard???  In my house, anything chalkboard is an instant hit!

Once everything is dry, remove the tape and season the chalkboard top.  To do that rub a piece of chalk across the entire top, up and down and then across.  

Finally, use your erasers to dust off the chalk and enjoy!

It turned out so cute, it makes me want to go back to school!

My plan was to put this in my little boys room, but it ended up being too big for the spot I had planned so I sold this little gem, and ended up fixing up a second old desk to match it.  It's always fun to make things for my family, but since I'm quickly filling every single available space in our house (much to my patient husbands dismay) it is fun to make things for others to enjoy too! I may have to do it a little more ;)

If you have an old desk, or see one don't hesitate to pick it up, with just a little time it could be a real gem too!!!


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