Tuesday, July 30, 2013

$1 Chalkboard Frame Gift Idea

I had a few of these $1 wood frames from Michael's left over from my scrabble tile father's day frames (tutorial here) so I whipped up another easy gift for the kiddos to give my mom and step-dad.  When I made these months ago (again I'm a bad bad blogger but thankfully you are still hanging in there with me), both grandparents wanted an updated picture of the kids to sit on their desks at work and these seemed like the perfect fit.  

I sprayed the front, back and the little wood peg that holds it up.. all with spray chalkboard paint.  You don't have to spray the back but I like that it looks finished from all sides.  Then to "season" don't forget to rub a piece of chalk turned on its side all over the frame, dust that off with an eraser then write whatever you want or even better let the kids write it!! Since mine aren't quite there yet, I gave them a little help, "Grammy" and Grandpa or "Grumpa" as my kids pronounce it loved their frames.

And, in my opinion colored chalk makes everything better :) If you need a quick thank you or just a fun gift these could not be easier.. it took me longer to decide which color chalk to use than to actually make them.

And since it is chalkboard we can change the message with the pictures as we update them.  Maybe someday my kids will actually do the writing... but at the rate we are going I'm not holding my breath :)


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