Sunday, July 14, 2013

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Painted Photo Sign

I made these fun photo signs for Christmas.. yes I know it is now July, I'm a bad, bad blogger!!!  My procrastination and crazy life aside, I set out to make something easy to hold all the random pictures that I send of the kids.  Since we don't live in the same town as any of the grandparents I try to send recent pictures of the kids as often as possible so they can see how they are growing.  Instead of just stuck on the fridge or propped against something else, these are a easy alternative.  They turned out really cute and I think all the grandparents really liked them.  

These are just scraps I had left over from a pallet project, but any scraps you have laying around would be perfect.  I don't have a fancy cricut machine or special stencils, I just used the cheap paper ones from the craft section at Walmart and grabbed some craft paint in a bunch of different colors while I was there. 

To get the distressed look with several colors peaking through just go to town and paint a few different layers.  I wanted the sides of the board to match the lettering to tie it all together so I painted the entire board that color first then a few quick layers.  I did a black/tan, a light brown/blue/dark brown, a black/tan/red and brown/turquoise. There are so many combinations that would be great, just go with whatever you like!

I did the final layer with the lightest color.  This picture makes them look really white, but it was a really light layer.

For the black one I painted on the white and then wiped most of it off to give it a different look.  Then I just centered my paper stencils, and used a little painters tape to keep them in place.  I spelled out grandkids, but family or memories would be cute too!

To fill in the stencils I used a painters pen, you can also find these near the craft paint and stencils.  These are a few bucks and they make stenciling so quick and easy.

Once the paint is dry, rough it up a little with some sand paper.  

I also added stars on each end of "grandkids", and some silver upholstery tacks for a little rustic western touch. 

I added a simple claw hanger on the back, a piece of twine from the hardware section tied in a knot under the tack in each star gives you a place for the pictures and tiny clothes pins from the office supple sections hold the pictures on.  The tiny clips are adorable ad make it so easy to switch out when I flood then with yet another card filled with new photos :)

For a quick, personal gift on a budget with no fancy equipment required, this project is for you!


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