Thursday, May 30, 2013

$1 Wood Frame Easy DIY Father's Day Gift

It's almost Father's Day and if the guy in your life is anything like mine, he is impossible to buy for especially when I'm trying to think of things for the kiddos to give him.  Their piggies banks (or Mommy's for that matter) can't quite cover an Alaskan hunting excursion so I came up with this quick and easy little frame and he LOVED it! 

It all started when I saw these wood frames at Michael's for $1.  They are wood so I knew I could paint them or let the kids do something with them to make it personal, but then I remembered that I had a sack of letter tiles that I bought for a project and never used and this gift was born.  Just a tip if you are ordering the scrabble tiles online make sure you get a "complete set" and not just random tiles, I made that mistake, couldn't spell anything and had to order more.

To get started the entire frame got a couple quick coats of flat black spray paint.

Even the back and the little stick that it rests on became black to help it look finished from all sides.

I love this picture of my two favorite Carhartt models, so I knew that would be the perfect picture to go inside and since they are "best buddies" this is what I came up with.  But the words and where you place them are totally up to you.  A little glue to hold the tiles on and you are done. So if you are in need of a quick last minute gift, this one is perfect!

Wow, do I love those two :) Happy Father's day to all the great Dad's out there who are hero's to their kids too!!!


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