Monday, May 20, 2013

Reclaimed Wood Coat & Key Rack

One of my friends and my local "partner in crime" is undergoing a huge house remodel and she was kind enough to give me some of the great old wood that she and her husband took off of their house.  As soon as I got my hands on this chunk I knew I wanted to do a quick project for the space just inside our front door to drop my junk and maybe save myself time and sanity looking for my keys.  So this simple coat and key rack was born and it took maybe an hour!!!

I did a similar project last year on a piece of pallet wood to hang necklaces (tutorial here), but this time I wanted to add paint.  I'm a bad bad blogger be because I forgot to take a picture of the wood before, but it was covered in chipping white paint so I brushed off the paint that was really loose and then covered the top and sides with a dark chocolate acrylic paint (the cheap stuff in the small bottle for under a buck) and once it was dry I lightly sanded the stop letting the white paint underneath shine through.  To finish off the paint I added a little Annie Sloan dark wax to give it some extra character, but that step is totally up to you.

Then pick some random knobs, drill some holes, add a couple claw hangers on the back and you are done!  I chose  inexpensive knobs from home depot in different metal finishes, but Hobby Lobby is also a great a place for amazing knobs!  We just got one in my area (after I made this) and I will never buy knobs anywhere else EVER AGAIN!!!

This could not have been easier or less expensive, unless someone gave me a coat rack I guess!

Plus, it is the perfect addition to my entry with the great old school desk that I scored at an antique store for a few bucks because it needed a little TLC! After a good sanding and some fresh stain the seat is now a bench for the kids to sit and put on their shoes, the desk top is a shelf for bags and the new reclaimed wood coat and key rack gives us a spot for our coats and my keys that are always disappearing!

Not too shabby for a nap time project!!!  Hope you like it!


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