Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reclaimed Wood Jewelry Organizer

I'm blown away by all the amazing creations that people are making out of old pallets.  These unbelievably creative people I'm pretty certain could make just about anything out of this often discarded material.  I am no where near that handy, but thanks to my wonderful hubby who scored me a weathered old pallet I did finally dip my little toe into the pallet pond with a simple jewelry organizer and I'm hooked.  
You need one piece of an old pallet (the more beat up the better :), a few knobs and a drill.
I used a simple little hanger centered on the back, but if you are hanging heavier necklaces you may want to use two, one at either end or hang using a wire.  I just used what I already had from an old picture hanging kit.
Next, since I cut my piece of wood in half I sanded the rough edge and rounded all the corners to even everything up.
Finally, measure where you want your knobs, drill the holes, screw them in and you are done.  I chose mismatched knobs, I think it works with the old wood and I staggered them just for fun.  
But you could keep everything straight and even use a full length piece of the pallet for even more space.
I really like how it turned out and can't wait to tear off another piece of my weathered old pallet and make something else :) If you have a bunch of chunky necklaces that never seem to fit in a regular jewelry box like I do, this is a great solution.  Plus, add a necklace and it's not a bad gift idea either :)

Enjoy, Lindsey

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