Monday, July 23, 2012

Bold Color 1 Hour Chair Makeover

In my quest or more accurately "my addiction" to re-do everything in sight I decided that I needed a few pops of color to liven things up.  My first attempt literally took less than an hour and turned out so cute.
I found this gem at a thrift store for $4.
The wood frame was pretty banged up and the seat fabric was beyond help, but overall it had some character so I grabbed some bright blue spray paint, a piece of drop cloth for the seat and in less than an hour the chair was finished and I think looks one million times better :)
Not too shabby huh???  
The seat easily unscrewed from the base and thankfully the foam under the awful fabric was in good shape so I added a little batting over the top of that for a some extra softness and then used a scrap piece of good old drop cloth (my favorite, inexpensive fabric) and 
stapled it all on.
Once the spray paint was dry I screwed the seat back on and this project was done during one nap time with time for an iced coffee break and a DVR'd project runway.  Now that's a productive afternoon :)
I'm going to use some bold print fabric I found to make a fun pillow for the chair next,
but for now I'm loving the bright color in our new casa.
Hope you like it!  Grab some bold paint and transform something pronto :)


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