Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Magic Shell In One Minute or LESS!!!

Good morning dear followers, my name is Lindsey and I have a dark confessions to make.  Up until recently my will power toward a certain sweet was pretty well in check, but over the last year CHOCOLATE and I have entered in to a dangerous affair and as a result I have lost all sense of reason or self respect!  It's a LOVE, LOVE, HATE kind of relationship.  I love the sweet silky goodness, it loves to take up permanent residence on my thighs and I hate the consequences :( 
That being said... lets make an over the top chocolate treat!!!!  HAHA... I know I'm a sicko, but hey at least I'm owning it... not so slender thighs and all :)    
If you have never had "Magic Shell" you are surely missing out (oh and your thighs are probably Swimsuit Illustrated worthy, but what fun is that :).  I mean what is better than ice cream??? Well in my world, that would be ice cream that has chocolate on top that "magically" hardens of course :)  The stuff you buy at the store is tasty but I always wondered what kind of crazy preservatives and chemicals were in to do and last as long as it does.  Mind you that never stopped me from buying it, but in my defense I did think about it :)
Then I found a recipe online to make it at home... uh oh.... dangerous!

And it could not be easier.... all you need is Coconut Oil and chocolate chips.  If you've never heard or used Coconut Oil, go buy some TODAY!  You can find it in nearly all regular grocery stores near the vegetable oil. This stuff is amazing and smells delicious.  You can not only bake and cook with it in place of other oils, you can also use it as lotion, lip balm and so many other applications.  A quick search of the uses will blow your mind!  My advice, buy two jars one for your kitchen and one for your bathroom, or divide one jar into two containers.  Your food will taste incredible and your skin will be silkier than ever and don't worry it isn't greasy it rubs into your skin really well and smells like you are on an amazing tropical beach vacation.  Bonus it will help smooth out those thighs after eating this treat :)
OK back to the "Magic Shell", I tested the recipes I found online for purely academic reasons of course :)  And I found that I like the consistency with a little more chocolate so I tweaked the recipe a bit.
One Minute Homemade Magic Shell
In a microwave safe container pour 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips and 1/2 cup coconut oil.
Basically a 3 to 1 ratio if you decided to make a larger batch for gift giving or hoarding :)
I think semi-sweet tastes best, but you could use any chips you like to make fun combos. 
Next put it on the microwave stir for about 45 seconds.
Pull it out and stir until the chocolate melts.

 Pour it in a cute glass jar or directly on ice cream (yes I broke out the "good china" for this :) and TA-DAH.... Magic Shell at home in under a minute!!!
You can store this in the fridge or a room temperature it's really your choice.  It's only oil and chocolate so it doesn't need to be refrigerated, but I do just because I figure it doesn't hurt.  The chocolate will harden once it had cooled so to use just pop the jar into the microwave for 30 seconds, give it a stir and pour to your hearts content.  Because of the re-heating I think the little glass jam jar works great, but use whatever you have.
My little munchkins where more than willing to once again be my guinea pigs...
and they were so content there was an almost disturbing quiet in my house until the treat was completely gone.. and we are talking "lick the bowl" gone.  Oh so this is what houses without small kiddos sounds like..... ahhh a brief break in the chaos is kinda nice.

Hope you like it too!

Enjoy, Lindsey

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