Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scrapbook Paper & Wood Letters = Personalized Fun :)

It has only been 2 months, but I LOVE being an Aunt!  It's babies without the sleep deprivation and swollen ankles :) What's not to love???  Plus it is another little girl to make fun things for!!!  But, since her closet is already filled with tutus and headbands I thought I would make something for her room for Christmas... plus a few frilly things... did you really think I could resist???  :) For this I knew I wanted it to be personalized so I thought her name would be fun and I'm really excited about how quick and cute this project turned out.
To get started you need some wood letters (I found these at Walmart for less than 2 dollars a piece), some scrapbook paper in whatever patterns you like (I'm using pink and purple to match her room), spray paint (for the sides of the letter that won't be covered with paper), spray adhesive and a sanding block.
First, spray the letters making sure that you get the sides really well because that is what will be showing when it's all done.  This is "ballet slipper" from Krylon a nice soft pink.  You could just leave them the natural wood if you want, but I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to use pink spray paint :)
Once the letters are good and dry figure out where you want the pattern to fall on the letters then lightly cover the front of your letter with spray adhesive and then lay that flat onto the back of the scrapbook paper and press down to make sure it seals evenly.  Give this a minute or so to fully dry then using an exacto knife on a cutting mat or a piece of cardboard to protect your table or floor... cut around the outline of the letter as close as you can to the wood.  But it doesn't have to be perfect :)
Now flip it over and using a sanding block smooth out the edges.  Make sure that you sand out over the edge away from you.. NOT toward you!  Instead of smoothing the edge that will rip the paper.
 That's it you're done! This is super quick and easy and not only does it finish off the letter it also gives them that nice "worn"' look that I LOVE sooooooo much!
These would be fun with initials, a last name or a phrase.  I think this would also be a great personalized gift for a wedding shower with the bride's new last name or a baby shower!   Plus, the wood letters I used already had a groove in the back for a nail so they were ready to hang. 

Hope you like them!

  Lindsey :)

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