Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Ladder Up-cycle

 Old wood ladders make me happy, especially this amazing green gem that I found a few weeks ago! I know that sounds odd, but I have been on the hunt for one with lots of "character" for a few months now and wasn't having much luck until digging around in an old shed at an amazing antique shop in my area and like a beacon "greeny" here called my name!!! 
 For twenty bucks this guy was all mine and since the two pieces slip apart I am going to use one to tackle my chaotic closet and the other suspended from the ceiling over my dining room table... fun huh??? I can hardly wait, but since my "muscle" is out of town working and probably rolling his eyes at my latest "idea" that he is getting roped into helping me with :) I am going to tackle the closet first. 
 Since the ladder is already a great chippy green color I just cleaned off the dust and dirt and brought it inside.
 In our new house I am again "sharing" the master closest with my hubby!  I use the term share very loosely here... in years and houses past the pour guy got so sick of his things getting pushed further and further to one side to make room for my things that he moved to another closet.  But since I have taken up those as well I'm being very kind (I think :) and "letting" him have a corner in ours... haha!  The problem with that loving gesture is it really causes some space problems so I'm trying to maximize all the wasted areas to get my mess off the floor and organized.  This angled wall between racks seemed like the perfect place for my ladder.
Literally five minutes later my clutter overload went to cute organization and I didn't even have to hammer a single nail.
 I just leaned the ladder against my angled wall and then tucked my embarrassing collection of scarves over the bars. Yes, I have a sickness!!!  I have them in almost every color imaginable, the key word being ALMOST.  I'm really trying to stop, but every time I see a color I don't have I have a hard time walking away.  Seeing them all displayed like this does kind of put a spotlight on my "issue", but hey at least they are off the floor :)  I'm a glass is half full kind of gal!
 And bonus I used the bottom two bars for heels that I wear often.
For five minutes and only 10 dollars I am thrilled with the way it turned out!  I also found a super cute old step ladder for $1 at a yard sale that I'm using as a shelf to display old signs and pictures in my dining room (post coming soon) and I love it! There are so many creative possibilities so grab a ladder and let me know what you come up with :)

Lindsey :)

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