Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Dresser TV Stand

I was in desperate need of something to put our t.v. on so before the big move I went in search of an old dresser with some charm. 
This is the gem that I found for 15 dollars!!!  The dust and sticky gunk on the front were free :)
Since the top and bottom of the dresser had such interesting curves I decided to remove the middle drawers to make room for our DVD player and DVR.  Lucky for me this old clunker already had a board under those drawers so all I had to do was take off the runner and paint the entire inside of that second row of drawers.
I decided on a bright barn red chalk paint for a fun pop of color.
Then comes the wax!!!  This stuff is worth the money!  
I did a coat of the clear wax, distressed with sandpaper and then used the dark wax for an aged finish.
Finally some new knobs and a small hole drilled through the back panel for all the cords.
Now we are set up and we love it!  So much better than the pressed board things I've had to to put together in the past :)  Plus, the drawers are great for keeping all the kids movies and extra controllers organized.

Hope you like it!


  1. how did you manage to get a perfect circle in the back of the dresser for the electrical cables to go through?

  2. Hi Corinn,

    I traced the circle using the cap of a spray paint can, drilled a hole inside the edge of that circle and then used a jig saw to cut the circle. But in the most recent dresser tv stand that I made, I just drilled a hole and then carefully pressed the drill along the edges t make it bigger. It goes pretty quickly because you don't need it very big, just enough for the end of the cord to fit through. I hope that helps :) Good Luck and thanks for checking out Glimmer And Grit!!

    Take Care, Lindsey