Monday, August 6, 2012

Old Chair Planter Upcycle

This is the latest addition to your new house, a fun chippy chair planter that I have been wanting to make for months and finally got around to doing!  It took about 15 minutes and I think it is the perfect piece for our front porch.  
 The chair with all its' chippy charm was a freebie from a local antique store... score!!!  It didn't cost me a dime and I don't have to paint and distress it... who could ask for more??? If you don't already have a chair you can pick them up at any local thrift store for a few bucks.
 For the planter I traced around the bottom of the plastic planter I had left over from some apple trees we bought a few weeks ago, then used a drill to create a hole for the jig saw and followed the line.
 OK so followed might be a bit of a stretch!  Precision is not really my thing but thankfully this doesn't have to be perfect, you just want a hole to squeeze your planter down in and for it still to be tight.  If your chair has a sturdy cross beam under the seat you can rest your planter on that and have a more loose hole, mine did not so I decided to get the support from the seat itself and cut the hole smaller than the top of my planter. 
 I used three different perennials that were recommended by a local nursery.  I wanted something that would grow over the edge and things that will stay year round so that it doesn't look silly near the front door this winter. 
I can't wait for these little guys to take off and fill up the planter and the chair.  That is if I don't accidentally kill them first...fingers crossed ;)

XOXO, Lindsey


  1. Found you through Pinterest searching "old chair planter". Do you remember the names of the perennials you planted in this? They're gorgeous! I found an old chair last weekend at a thrift shop, and will be planting in it this week! Thanks -

  2. Hi Diana,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog!!! I wish that I knew what the plants are, I have such a "black thumb" that I just asked a very patient man at the nursery for plants that would look good year round and he gave me these three. One is a grass, one is a vine and the other is the small one that has pink flowers, I love how the combo turned out. These have been on my porch almost a year and still look great which is saying a lot considering my awful track record with plants! Hope that helps a little, I'm sure your chair will be amazing!!! Good Luck!