Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Pops!

Rice Krispies, Cake, Chocolate and Sprinkles on a stick... why did I not think of this sooner???  This "life changing" mash up is the result of far too many hours of my life lost on pinterest :)  I get sucked into the "amazingness" that is this little slice of heaven online and look up only to realize that literally hours have passed and my brain and stomach are grumbling from the sensory overload!  On a recent late night search for some fun new recipes I saw a few posts for cake batter rice krispies and being a fan of both cake and the old school marshmallow treats I figured these were a must try but I wanted to put my own spin on this so I decided to dip them in chocolate and because everything is better on a stick.. why not finish these happy little guys off with a handle????  These are easy and oh so yummy for little and big kids alike.
You will need:
1/2 cup dry cake mix (*any flavor.. read below ;)
4 tablespoons butter
1 bag mini marshmallows
6 cups rice krispies
***optional: lollipop sticks, chocolate and sprinkles for decoration
To start off you need a cake mix.  All the recipes I saw online called for a yellow cake mix. I decided since it's spring and these could be fun Easter treats why not use a carrot cake mix instead?  Truth be told this was the only cake mix I had on hand.. but after I realized this I figured the whole Easter thing was not a bad idea :)  And it totally works... so just think of the possibilities.. dare I say red velvet rice krispies anyone???? :)
First melt the butter in pan just like you would regular cereal treats..
Then add the marshmallows...
Once those are almost completely melted sprinkle in the dry cake mix.  Most recipes call for just 1/4 cup but I doubled that to 1/2 so you could really taste that delicious flavor.
Finally add in your cereal and mix until everything is combined.
While the treats are cooling in a greased pan...
You can take the remaining mix.. and make more treats :) Or do like we did and make cupcakes... just follow the regular package directions and use just a little bit less liquid to make up for the 1/2 cup you "borrowed" for the treats!  
  Now you could eat the treats as is, and let me tell you they are delicious but I wanted to make something special for the kiddos so I used a flower cookie cuter.  No cookie cutter... no worries just cutting out bite-sized square would work great too.
When you are making cake-pops or anything on a stick really that is dipped it can be hard to keep them looking pretty while they cool.  I have used a floral foam block in the past and that works well, but these were pretty big and I needed a better solution.  When buying my chocolate I saw a "cake-pop decorating stand" at the store for about $15... during further inspection I realized it was just a few pieces of cardboard with some holes so I came home and made my own for FREE!  As they say necessity is the mother of invention. I had this flat medium sized priority box from the post office (which are free) and I used a knife to cut some small slits for the sticks.  You could use any sturdy box that isn't too tall.. you want it just tall enough that when pressed through the hole the stick will rest on the bottom but your treat still won't touch the top of the box.
Now to start dipping... the key to these is to use a little melted chocolate on the end of the stick to act as the glue to help keep it in place.
Now these are super cute as is... 

But if you want a little something extra melt any chocolate of your choice (I decided on white) and dip away.  I normally just slowly melt the chocolate in a cup in the microwave, but I saw this chocolate pot online for less than $20 and had to give it a try, it made the job super quick because there was no constant re-heating.  But I have to admit it may be dangerous... because now want to cover everything in chocolate... uh-oh :)
 I decided to try a bunch of different variations.
The "one sided" was my favorite.. just the right amount of chocolate!
  I even took some of the scraps around the edge of the cookie cutter and made a few balls...
to dip in chocolate of course :)
So cute no matter how you display them...
 If your house is anything like mine they won't last long.
My taste-testers work cheap...
But they give these 2 thumbs... way up!!!

Enjoy, Lindsey :)

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