Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Scalloped Headband

I'm absolutely, positively nutty about headbands.  I started searching the web for ways to make these fabulous accessories just moments after finding out that we were having a little girl.  I have since made them out of just about anything and everything I can get my hands on and I have a little accessory diva to prove it.  At not even 1 1/2 if she doesn't have a hair bow on she goes to her room and points up at the basket until you get her one :) I am no better, I love them too!  And believe it or not I'm showing no signs of a headband halt anytime soon.... so no item in my house is safe from a future amid the follicles of someones head.
This treasure ripped after much abuse as a purse then it went into my "maybe I could use that pile" which is getting a little ridiculous.  I used the straps for the bridle on the kids' DIY Stick Horses that I made before Christmas, but most of the body of the purse was still perfectly usable.  I thought the texture and shine could be fun so I got out the scissors and glue and got to work.
I don't have a fancy die cut machine.. if you do by all means use it!  But I just cut the purse into strips, then into a bunch of different sized squares. For me cutting a rough circle from the squares made the job a little easier and I think this way you waste less of your material.  But don't worry about being perfect just cut a bunch of rough circles, I think the imperfections make them even more adorable.  You will also need 2 pieces of felt to finish off your creation and of course a headband.
For this one I used two rectangle felt pieces... one glued on the underside of the headband off center.
Then glue the other matching piece on top.  This gives you a wider area to glue to and helps keep the glue hidden so the entire finished product looks a little more polished.
Now grab a hot glue gun and go crazy.  There is no science to this, just start gluing them down, overlapping or staggering the pieces to create a fun finished product.
For this one instead of rectangle pieces of felt I used a large teardrop shape and then just followed that outline to make a completely different look... on a leopard headband ta-boot :)  Fun huh? I wore this yesterday and got tons of complements!  Who says only little girls can wear headbands??? Big girls love them too :)
Once all the circles were cut I made 5 headbands in just minutes!  These are super cute and so easy!
So look around your closet or search your local thrift store for a purse and get to gluing!!!

Enjoy, Lindsey :)

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