Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Crayons 3 Ways

It's another rainy day in our part of the word so the kiddos and I were looking for a fun little project to pass the dreary day and we totally scored with this one :)  Making their own crayons made everyday coloring that much more exciting!
 We had plenty of broken crayons on hand, but you could just pick up a box or two at the dollar store and you are ready to get started.
 This part is the longest of the project, but even it doesn't take long.  Unwrap your crayons and then if they aren't already broken break them up to fit into your mold.  For method #1 I used a heart shaped silicone candy mold.
 My little guy was a big help, especially with the breaking... big shocker :)
 Now just pop the mold into a 230 degree oven for about 10 minutes, just until the crayons are melted. 
 Let them cool and ta-da.. pretty cute huh?
 I must admit a little DIY uh oh! I did put my mold on a baking sheet, but part of it didn't survive :(  I've seen other posts using this method and they didn't have any issues with melting so I guess I'm just the unlucky one!  I'm totally going to blame my oven it must have gotten hotter than it claimed.. so just be careful and make sure your oven doesn't get too hot.  You just need to melt the crayons and that doesn't take much, if you are worried maybe try 200 degrees for a few extra minutes just to be safe :)
For method #2 I used a mini muffin tin.  I first sprayed the tin with a little coking spray just to make sure the crayons would pop out once they cooled, then followed the steps from above... unwrap, break, bake and cool.

The little circle popped right out of the tin and are the perfect size for little hands.
For method #3 I wanted to put my own twist on this idea so I decided to use a regular muffin tin lined with cupcake wrappers.

To give these a fun unique shape I used the technique from my heart shaped cupcakes.  After you've melted the crayons for about 10 minutes at 230 degrees pull the top of the liner back a little and carefully push a marble all the way to the bottom of the tin and let the crayons cool.

 This is what they look like once they've cooled fully and are taken out of the liner!  For some reason they make me hungry, those crinkled edges remind me of a rainbow colored reese's peanut butter cup.. hehe!
These are so easy to make and would be adorable as a party favor or paired with a coloring book they are a fun way to spice up an inexpensive gift!  I wrapped a combo of the three shapes in little bags and gave them to my kiddos as a fun treat after their nap.. (aka mommy's daily sanity session) :)
 THEM :)

 Hope you like them too!

Enjoy, Lindsey :)

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