Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY Color-Block Heels

Color - Blocking is very poplar right now in fashion and I really think it's fun.  But my overflowing closet needs another pair of shoes like I need another cupcake! Not very badly!!!!  Unless there is lots of frosting, then I can't say no... ok focus back to the shoes :)
So the next best thing is to re-purpose a pair I already have.  These are just a pair of Target heels that I have had for a few years and worn only once or twice so they seemed like the perfect candidates.
I am a sloppy painter so I taped off the edges with Frog Tape, I like it much better than blue painters tape.  But if you have a steadier hand you can skip that part.
Now pick a color and have fun!  I decided on this turquoise acrylic paint, it's super cheap and there are tons of colors. I ran out of sponge paint brushes so I improvised and used a makeup sponge!!!  Not the normal use, but hey it worked :)
Let them dry, remove the tape and ta-da!!!
Fun, fashionable and fabulous for just a few pennies.
It's amazing how just a little paint gave new life to forgotten footwear.  I can't wait to wear these and have fun with this great pop of color.  Hope you like them too!  
Grab a pair in your closet and give them a spring face life today!

Good Luck, Lindsey :)  


  1. Super cute! Great color choice to go with the brown buckle strap. Have you worn them? Has the acrylic paint held up well?

    1. Thank you :) So far I haven't had any problems with the color chipping or coming off, but if you are concerned about it I think a quick spray of clear spray paint would be a great sealer and would give them a great shine! Hope this helps, good luck and thanks so much for the comments. It's amazing to connect with new people:)