Sunday, April 15, 2012

Homemade Pomegranate Bubbles

Our kiddos are without a doubt "outside kids"!  Even freezing temperatures don't detour them from just a few more minutes outside.  So when the sun FINALLY peaks out from behind the clouds in our dreary corner of the world we try and soak up every second.  Lately bubbles are a huge hit around our house, so huge in fact we were going through those small containers of bubble at a ridiculous rate. Tired of seeing the "sad eyes" after running out yet again I tried just using a little dish soap and that didn't seem to work the same but after a quick internet search, a little experimenting and my own twist we came up with a WINNER!  
The secret in my humble opinion is this cheap, generic but fabulous smelling soap that I stumbled across this week! Hey if you are gonna make something you intend to be playing in for hours why not have it smell great??? :)
 In a large container (roughly a gallon) mix:
12 cups of water
4 cups of Pomegranate Dish Soap (or any you have on hand)
1 cup corn syrup
Give it all a good stir and you are ready for some serious bubble blowing without any worries or running out.
 I can't take credit for the dispenser idea... I saw this online but it was too brilliant not to use.  No spills and perfect for little hands to re-fill "all by myself"!!! :) Oh yes we are in that stage right now!

We just use these dollar store bubble wands and they work great. 
 This combination makes for huge bubbles that the kids love and the smell is amazing!
 Pretty spectacular for literally a few seconds of mixing!
 Hours of endless fun....
 and no "sad eyes" here!

Enjoy, Lindsey :)

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