Wednesday, April 11, 2012

T-Shirt Flip-Flop Up-Cycle

Warm weather has not yet graced us with its presence, but here's to wishful thinking that it will appear soon!  Whenever that does happen... I'm really looking forward to our first summer with both kids running around.  So of course our little diva needs a few summer "options".

For this project I really went big, a whopping $2.28 :)  These little flip flops are cute, but I thought with a little effort they could be really special.
The ruffle and flower are just some strips from a pink t-shirt I had in a donation pile.  For the ruffle cut two strips for each sandal, one about 1.5 inches the other about 1/2 and inch.  The length depends on the flip-flop, basically you want about double the length you want to cover that gives you a nice gathered ruffle.
Now lay the thin strip on top of the wider strip and either use a sewing machine or hand sew a loose gathering stitch down the center. DON'T  back stitch at the beginning or end.  Since it's knit you don't have to worry about the edges... the lazy crafter in me really loves that :)
Next, carefully pull the bottom bobbin thread if you are using a machine or just pull on the single thread you used to hand sew the pieces together. Just like that you have a cute easy ruffle!  I really like how the two pieces give this a little extra texture, but you could just use one. 
A little hot glue along the top of the plastic strap and your ruffle and sandals are now one!
For a flower, take a few squares left over from your t-shirt and cut out rough flower shapes.  These do not have to be perfect.  I used four petal pieces, each a little smaller than the last.
Then a little hot glue in the center of the ruffle and one at a time add the petals.  I like to pinch the fabric a little as the glue cools so that the flower looks a little more realistic and doesn't just sit flat.
Add all the petals....
And finish with a little pearl or gem.
Not too shabby for a ratty old t-shirt and about 20 minutes during nap time!  Can't wait for mother mature to cooperate so my little bathing beauty can test these out.  Hope you like them!!!

Enjoy, Lindsey:)

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