Monday, February 27, 2012

Heart Cupcakes .. Not Just For Valentine's :)

I have to admit... I had intended to post this for Valentine's Week, but I am going to blame complete family bliss for the unanticipated blogging hiatus.  Having "Rambo" home safe is so amazing, but I told him he's really cutting into my creative time :) Haha! That being said these heart cupcakes were a major hit with everyone and they are so darn cute there is NO reason not to make them more than once a year.  So this is how I did it :)
I wanted these to be quick and easy, but still special so I decided to try layering strawberry cake and fudge brownie for my little take on a chocolate covered strawberry.  To do this you will need a strawberry cake mix and a brownie mix, frosting, sprinkles to decorate and marbles to make your hearts come to life.
First make the two mixes according to their package instructions in separate bowls.
Now scoop a small spoon full of whichever batter you want on the bottom into your cupcake liners then cover with a spoon full of the other.  I did some starting with the strawberry and some with the brownie just to mix it up.  Be careful not to add too much batter!!! It may seem stingy, but I would try to keep the cups only about half full because they rise quite a bit and the marble is going to take up even more space.  I over-filled my first batch and they lost the fun heart shape when it oozed over the sides :(
Now for the sweet shape.  For this you need marbles, I found a small bag for $1 in the toy section at Walmart.  Push one marble all the way into the bottom of each cup in between the liner and the tin.
 Once all your marbles are in, hopefully you still have a few left in you noggin :) 
Bake according to your package directions.  Mine baked at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.
See I told ya, I totally filled mine too full but hopefully you get the idea :)
Once they are cooled just frost....
And decorate... the kiddos and I used some pink sugar and heart sprinkles to complete our treats.
Not only are these super cute, check out the inside!!!!
Strawberry cake, brownie and cream cheese icing..... Yep they totally taste as good as they sound!
Pretty fancy for only about 30 minutes of work.
Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Enjoy!  Lindsey :)

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