Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Micro Fiber Cleaner = 44 cents Saved My Furniture!

To say that our recliner "has seen better days" is a major understatement!!!  It was not an expensive piece of furniture when we bought it several years ago and we moved it cross country with us, but the
real kicker has been our little man.  Despite my better judgement, over the last year I have given in and to save the small amount of sanity I have left trying to wrestle two kids.. the occasional "yes you can eat your snack in there if you are careful"... turned into a daily routine. 
This is the result.  
And unless cracker crumbs, fruit snacks and juice stains are the big trend in interior design this season.... we are in big trouble!  
Or so I thought...... I just assumed that this chair was beyond repair and since it isn't anything that special I really wasn't that heart broke about it.. I figured we got our money's worth :)  But then a friend told me that rubbing alcohol may just save even this disaster.  So being a thrifty girl in training... I decided to give it a try!!!
All you need is good old rubbing alcohol (this cost a whopping 88 cents), a spray bottle and a rag.
Just put the alcohol into a spray bottle, but before you start use the attachment on your vacuum and give your furniture a good once over to get any loose dirt, dust and crumbs.  I am embarrassed to say that I'm confident I could have supplied a snack for an entire kindergarten class with the debris hidden in this chair. that the "big chunks" are gone... spray the area you want to clean.  For me that was pretty much the entire chair.
 Then use a rag to rub out the stain. I used an old white hand towel just to be safe in case any color transferred onto the fabric. Unlike soap and water, the alcohol evaporates quickly and doesn't leave a mark behind., but somehow manages to magically remove the stain.
 The rag quickly shows what I can hardly believe... it's working.  Gross... I know, but oddly satisfying :)  You may want to test a hidden spot on your furniture to make sure that the color isn't affected by this method.  For me it worked great with no problems!
If you notice spots where the fabric is matted at all from the rubbing, once it's dry lightly rub it with a clean cloth or with a bristled brush.
 I used about half of the small bottle of alcohol I bought, so for 44 cents I saved this chair!!!!
I am beyond pleased with the results.  It looks one million times better.  If you have a chair or couch that has seen better days thanks to kids or pets give this a try it will surprise you!!!!

Good Luck, Lindsey :)

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