Monday, January 28, 2013

Freezing Avocados

Avocados... I LOVE them, but hate the price.  You know what I hate more???  When I pay a dollar or more a piece for them and then let them go bad on my counter!  Ugghhh!!! I'm convinced the "avocado fairies" come to my house overnight and turn this incredible fruit (yeah totally pulled that fact out just to sound smart :) from rock hard to mush in a matter of hours.  Dang those "avocado fairies'!!!  If they have even made an appearance at your house I have the answer.... freeze them! Not the fairies, the avocados and yep, you can totally do that!
Even if you are better at keeping an eye on your avocados this is still a great trick.  The little store in my town recently had a special, 3 avocados for 99 cents!!! Amazing right?!? I wanted to take advantage of the great deal, but was afraid to stock up for fear those dang "fairies" would appear.  So I decided to try freezing them and it turned out amazing.  From now on I will always stock up when I see a great deal and will never waste them again.. or at least I'm going to try not to waste them.
To save your avocados from the trash in the nick of time all you have to do is scoop out the gorgeous green flesh, mash it up and add a little lemon juice to help keep the color.  I used nine avocados and a couple splashes (a few teaspoons) of lemon juice.
Now, fold over the edges of your freezer zip lock bag to make sure you keep the seal clean and scoop in your mashed avocado.
Carefully press out as much air as possible, seal it up and throw it in your freezer.
When you need avocado just pull one out and let it thaw in the fridge overnight (or if you are a horrible procrastinator like me thaw a bag in a bowl of warm water).  It tastes amazing and if you like to make homemade guacamole half the work is already done!  Here's to not letting those sneaky "fairies" win!


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