Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kids Individual No Mess ART Bins

I threw these little ART bins together before Christmas really out of necessity.  I wanted to get the kiddos a bunch of fun new craft and coloring supplies for their stocking (psst.. don't tell them they didn't come from the BIG MAN with the red hat :) but knowing my wild little artists I knew they would be spread to every corner of my house within the first few minutes so containment was key! 

First, I stocked up on new markers, colored pencils, safety scissors, stickers, paints, papers and anything else that caught my eye at the dollar store and Walmart school supply aisle.

And since I try to avoid knock down drag out fights whenever possible, I bought two of everything.. one for each kid.  They know the other has the exact same thing so they stick to their own areas and shockingly now don't fight over colors.  I guess the thrill of robbing the other of a favorite color loses its luster when there's more than one. 

Now for the container.  These plastic bins worked out perfect, they cost under $4 (at Walmart), have lids, aren't too big and stack really easily.

So after buying two, in different colors to again avoid any confusion or cause for sibling war I used some letters and star stickers I had from another project to personalize each bin.

So simple, this took literally only a few minutes to throw together and they LOVE them! The kids ask every single day to use them.

Because of the shocking popularity of this simple project, I now keep them stacked in a low cupboard that the kids can easily get to.

My little artists get to create endless masterpieces and when they are done even at 2 and 4 they know everything has to go back in the bin.  The kids are happy and Mommy's happy, not bad for a quick excuse not to wrap a bunch of little Christmas presents :)

 Hope a little artist in your life likes these too!


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