Monday, January 14, 2013

Shabby Chic Coffee Table Update

Happy New Year!!!  I hope you all survived that holidays and have only amazing new memories to show for it!  I have many of those plus some really tight clothes thank to my lack of will power when it comes to Christmas goodies.  So as I kick off the year with new health and fitness goals to help shed those extra inches I decided now was as good a time as any for our coffee table to shed a few layers for a new look too.
This is our coffee table before.  It started out as a finished yourself wood table project that my husband and I took on for our very first house.  Come to think of it, this was probably my first ever DIY project, long before I even knew or cared what that was.  We sanded, stained and sealed it in our garage and loved it at the time.
But two kids and two moves later, the nicks, dings and crayon masterpieces that had left their marks needed to be updated.
So, here's one last look. Good bones, but bad acne!
To make the change I decided on a distressed white washed look so I just grabbed some left over Moonlight White Behr paint I had on hand and a cheap brush and literally slapped on a few coats. I just wanted it mostly covered.
Once it was completely dry I used a combination of just a piece of sand paper and the more heavy duty electric sander to get a wide range of roughness to the finish.
I focused a lot on the corners and near the drawer where normal wear might happen.  I know it is crazy to cover scratches with paint only to scratch it up again, but after some Annie Sloan dark wax I LOVE how it turned out.
I will say if you are new to distressing there will probably be a point in the project where you question what you are doing and wonder if you just messed up all that painting, but go with it!  Keep sanding and roughing it up, because in my experience it always looks awful before it looks amazing :)
And here it is back in my living room.
I love the distressed finish with my other rustic western decor.
I hope you like it too.


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