Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Glue DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Vintage mason jars are too cool in my eyes!  I've been trying to track some down for a few months now, but evidently I'm not the only one who smitten with these fabulous old canning staples because tracking some that didnt cost a fortune was harder than I ever imagined.  But persistence paid off and I found the mother load at a local antique store and snagged up about a dozen in different sizes and colors for $4 a piece.
For my first mason jar project I wanted to try the fun soap dispensers I have seen making the rounds on pinterest.  Once you have the jars, the project looked super easy and I am here to say except for getting liqid hand soap all over myself it really is easy!  To get you need a drill, some tin snips or something to help cut out the circle in the lid and an old plastic pump soap dispenser and extra soap to fill your jar.
If you are using an old jar with a zinc lid you will need to lightly tap the white glass lining with a hammer to break out that layer. 
From there I used with the biggest drill bit we had to make a hole in the center of the lid.  Next, I was having trouble cutting a circle around the hole because of the rim of the lid so instead I made small cut from that hole out towards the outer rim all the way around the circle then bent those pieces back until the opening was big enough to fit the unscrewed bottom of the soap dispenser.
You only need the neck of bottle and just a little beyond where the bottle starts to curve out, so cut off the rest and try not to get the soap in the container all over yourself!!!  Be smart and use an old pump dispenser that is empty or at least dump out the soap before cutting.  I thought I could cut the top off a brand new container and not spill the soap, not so much!  I had more slippery soap on me and the counter that I would use in a month!!!!  So take learn from my lack of patience and plan ahead just a touch to save yourself a big mess! Once you have the hole the correct size and the soap cleaned up screw the pump on tight to the threads peaking through the top of the jar and then carefully pinch those piece of crimped metal back tightly against the plastic base of the pump. 
A small set of pliers pressing lightly from the underside of the lid worked really well to smooth out any lumps and bumps in the lid from making the whole and connected the pump and lid really well.  I found that I didn't even need any glue on the underside to secure the cut off top in place, but if you want to go ahead and put a little glue on the underside of the lid and along the threads of the pump to secure them in place.
For mine I didn't use any glue.  I use it everyday as my kitchen soap dispenser and haven't had a problem with anything coming apart or loosening up.
You will need some extra soap if you want to fill the jar all the way to the top like I did.  I bought some delicious smelling coconut vanilla hand soap in a big refill jug at walmart and did several jars.  These are great as a gift and have so much more charm than a regular old dispenser.  If you can't find the old jars, you can absolutely use regular canning jars or reuse really any jars you have around the house.  To add a little extra charm to new jars you can always spray paint the lid and rings as well as the plastic pumps.... metallic or a color to coordinate with the kitchen or bathroom would be adorable too!  So grab some jars and enjoy!

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