Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Garden "Bed"

I scored this chippy metal bed frame at an antique store last fall for $15 dollars and have been dragging to around waiting to put it to use ever since.  The frame had lots of character with green and white paint along with a little rust, which I LOVE but no rails.... no problem!
Because when we moved to our new house there was already a small raised garden area that I wanted to keep but it looked a little sad so I decided my fun bed frame would be the perfect upgrade.
Thanks to some help from my three favorite garden helpers we dug some holes, added some veggies and the frame.  OK so "they" dug and got dirty and I documented it... fair trade right?!?
Fast forward a few weeks and many miracle later because my black thumb didn't obliterate the plants and here is our "garden bed"!
I know this is the wrong time of the year to share a garden idea, but timing was never my gift!!!  That being said I love the charm the simple frame adds to the otherwise sad little space.  This is close to the house so everyone sees it when they drive in and I love the little twist, plus the kids had so much fun caring for, showing off and picking "their" veggies!  A bed frame is also adorable in a flower bed with bright colored flowers, so next time you see a great old bed frame at a yard sale or thrift store... even if it doesn't have rails don't pass it up!!!  Stick it away in your garage like I did for 9 months, then bring it out and wow yourself with your creative forethought!  

I plan to add a fun wood sign to the foot board, but there just weren't enough hours in the day this summer!  So here's to procrastinating until next spring to tackle that one!!!


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