Friday, September 7, 2012

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Hail Mary

In the journey to grow out my hair from the shoulder length layered do most news people rock, my tresses have been severely neglected.  On days it's just me and the kiddos at home this mop just ends up on the top of my head in a big knot.  I thought not drying, flat ironing and constantly highlighting like I did while on TV would help the health of my hair, but it seems that while that is a plus... not getting it cut in 6 months has actually left it looking dry, split and sad :(  
When I finally went in recently for a trim the stylist said I really should cut a ton off to get it back to a healthy state.  Not willing to part with the hair that I have worked to grow for months and months I decided to just trim up the ends and try for a miracle to repair some of this mess.  Hence the "Hail Mary", I figure if it doesn't work no biggie I was going to cut it anyway, but if it does hallelujah!!!
Enter Coconut Oil.  If you haven't been introduced to this miracle inducing stuff you are missing out!!!  I was VERY skeptical when my mom told me about Coconut Oil last year.  Not only can you cook and bake with it, it is also amazing as a natural moisturizer and smells delicious.  You can now buy it anywhere, it's usually near the cooking oils.  You can either buy two jars, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom or just split a jar like I do and put some in a resealable container for your skin and hair.
It is a little odd that the coconut oil starts as a solid, but as you can see just the warmth of your hand starts to instantly transform the solid to a slippery oil.  So grab a big handful, rub it between you hands a little to warm it up and then start slathering it in your hair from roots to ends.  At first it seems tough to get the oil evenly distributed through your hair but just keep running you fingers through your hair and in no time at all your whole head will be coated.
Once your hair is nice and covered put it on top of your head and forget about it.  You can use a shower cap if you want, everything I have seen online says to leave this on for at least 30 minutes.  You can also use a hair dryer to add heat which helps speed up the process but that seemed like too much work.  I just clipped it up and forgot about it while I did some projects around the house.  
Rub in the extra oil you have on your hands, it is amazing body lotion.
I left the oil on for probably two hours, because I got distracted doing a project :)  Your hair will never "dry" with the oil on it stays wet looking the entire time.  To rinse it out you will want to shampoo your hair twice, the first time focus on the roots and rinse, then wash all your hair and condition like normal.  One wash left my hair still feeling greasy, but two was perfect.  This is how it looks after... with NO product!!!
Quite a transformation from frizz to this :)  My hair has never been this soft and sleek, I can't keep my hands out of it!!!  I plan to do this once a week to help keep it looking like this, but you can do this as often as you can fit it into your busy schedule.  One jar of coconut oil costs about $6 and you could do at least six treatments if not more even for long hair with that amount.  Only a buck and I saved my hair from the scissors.... I will totally be doing this again :)

Give it a try, you will feel like a grease ball for a short time but it is SOOOOOOOO worth it!


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