Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Stretch Lace Headband

Headbands of all shapes, sizes and shades can be found scattered around our house each and every day.  I admittedly went a little crazy when we found out we were having a girl and made dozens of them.  So I guess I was bowed-out because as I was weeding through the kids clothes and many "accessories" the other day I realized that quite a few of our little diva's bows were too small.  Unable to fathom a day without an obnoxiously over sized accessory I figured it was about time to get back into "bow mode".
There are many different styles and approaches to making fun headbands, but this is my favorite.  You need a fake flower.  I got this fun spotted flower at Michael's (along with about a dozen other patterns :) for 50 percent off so it was less than a dollar, but the dollar store is also a great place to find all kinds of different flowers and colors. You also need something for the band, fold over elastic, a stretch elastic or hard headband already assembled from the store or stretch lace.
I love the stretch lace, I've also seen it called lingerie lace.  I have a hard time finding it at my local fabric stores so I bought several different colors and widths on ebay for really cheap.  I like how the wider vintage looking headband looks on my little toe head :)  To make the band measure around your little munchkins head and cut your lace to that measurement.  Now overlap the lace by 1/2 to 1 inch depending on ho stretchy your lace is and hot glue together.  This overlap connects the two ends and because of the stretch the headband will fit nicely.  To finish off and secure the band you can wrap a shorter piece of lace around where you glued and secure it with you guessed it a little more glue.  Oh how I love glue guns :)
You just want to make sure that where your glue is on the top side where the flower will go.  If you do this, the underside closest to your little ones head will be soft and smooth and any bumps from the glue will be hidden under the flower.
 The other option is just to cut a small circle of felt and glue that to the underside, both work great!
For the flower take off the stem, which I do as soon as I bring them home from the store because the stash of flowers I have amassed is rather embarrassing and they take up less space this way.  This is what you should have left.
Now take out the plastic and center piece holding the petals together.
From here I flip the flower over and working from the largest petal to the smallest start gluing them to the headband, either right over the felt or the lace you overlapped to cover the two ends.
For the center you can reattach the center that came with the flower, add rhinestones which I love or you can use vintage buttons which is my favorite.  Bling with character, what could be better???  To allow the button to sit flat on the flower I just snip off the loop on the back with scissors or small pliers, and glue it to the center of the flower.
And that's it, you now have a fabulous boutique headband for less than $2.
Sorry adorable model not included in that price :)
We love our " hair bows", in fact she now refuses to leave home without one. Oh, the monster I have created.... good thing Mommy figured out how to make them because I'm quite certain her future college admissions office won't allow us to pay her tuition in bows ;)

And.... because I don't say this enough if you are reading this THANK YOU!!!  These posts are sanity for this scatter brained mom and seeing that people are enjoying them makes my day.  

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  1. Very cute! I cannot wait to try this. Do you have any links to the ebay sellers you have purchased from? I cannot find the right sizes local. ):



  2. Hi Hailey,

    Thank you for checking out my blog :) I love laceandtrims on ebay, ( the price and quality are great, be sure to ask for combined shipping it makes it a really great value. Enjoy :)

    Take Care,