Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thrift Store Suede Vest = Toy Gun Holster

Recently my sister-in-law and I were at a fun junk/antique fair and among the amazing "treasures" we found was a vintage leather toy gun belt. I instantly thought of my little cowboy and how much he would love that, but sadly the belt was just too big and it didn't come home with us. Oh but so much more did! Details on that however my dear followers.. all 8 of you :) will have to wait for future "projects" so stay tuned!  Anyways back to the gun belt, I have not stopped thinking about that thing since we left.  It was totally broken in and with so much more character than anything I have seen since in my vast searches.  So since I couldn't find one I liked to buy I've been determined to make one....
 First I found these toy pistols at Walmart for $10.  They were by far the cheapest I could find, but they weren't exactly what I wanted... they were orange not silver and the belt/holsters were cheap plastic.
Then I saw this 1X  leather vest at a thrift store for $2.... and thought BINGO! 
With a good leather belt I also found at the thrift store for 25 cents.... I thought I could make this work.  As you can see I have already painted the pistols.  I just taped off the white handles and with a little left over silver spray paint from another project they were instantly transformed :) 
 For the holsters I pulled apart the plastic pieces that came with the toy guns and used them as a pattern on the vest.
To make the holsters a little sturdier I actually sewed two pieces together making sure the best sides of the leather were facing out since it will be folded over to create a pocket.
Then I just cut slits in the top section and weaved the belt through those spaces.
 Next I used a leather punch to poke through both layers of the leather, then I used these fun star rivets I found in the leather section at Michael's to hold the pieces together and create the pocket for the pistols.
 Used five rivets down the side leaving the bottom open for the barrel of the pistols and three rivets on top just for fun.
With a few extra holes punched into the belt, and the pistols tucked in... the cowboy gun belt is done!
My little outlaw LOVES his holster and "bang bangs"!!!
And I think they turned out way better than the plastic version... if I do say so myself :)

Hope you like them!

Lindsey :)


  1. Very Cool. I want some "bang bangs!".

  2. Thank you Brian! Yep, the "bang bangs" are still a big hit around our house :)

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