Friday, December 2, 2011

$2 Thrift Store Nightstand Gets A Fun Facelift!

I found this nightstand at a thrift store back when I was searching for furniture to make my sons Play Workbench, I ended up using another thrifted treasure but still wanted to give this one a new lease on life as well.
Since it only cost $2 I figured ... why not :)
So after three months sitting sadly in my garage collecting dust I decided to make this my next project.
First I sanded down the entire piece.. wiped it clean and then primed it with KILZ and spray painted it all with this turquoise from KRYLON. My new bedding is ivory and black damask.. but I want to use turquoise as an accent color and thought I would start with this small nightstand.
Next I decided to age it a little and used my electric sander along the edges... places where it would naturally rub and wear with time.  After wiping off the dust... you could totally stop here.
BUT then I decided, since I knew my lamp (which I showed you earlier this week) was going to be this same turquoise color... that this might be a little too much of a good thing :)
So instead I opted for just small hints of the color.  To do that I spray painted it once again with an Ivory gloss, then went back over and sanded the edges.. lighter in some spots than others so you could still see the turquoise.
Finally, I took the old brass hardware and updated it a bit by spray painting it silver.
This is the finished product now in my master bedroom, which is under going a complete overhaul!  So "stay tuned"... there are several more DIY projects to come :)
Hope this inspires you to save a sad old piece of furniture in your house destined for donation and give it a face lift.. or go find a fun cheap thrift store treasure to try out your skills.  Let me know what you come up with!

Happy Hunting, Lindsey :)

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