Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Valentine's Heart Pops

Valentine's Day is just one day away and if you are like me and leave things to the last minute, then these little gems are your new best friend.  So simple, quick to make and no one will know you threw them together.  I actually made these a few days ago when I looked at the clock at 9 pm and remembered it was our turn to bring snacks for my little guys class the next morning.  They were a HUGE hit!!!  

So if you need a fun Valentine's Day treat tomorrow or really any day of the year put some shaped rice krispies on a stick and dip them in chocolate and sprinkles and you will go from a full on procrastinators panic to super mom in no time!

I just made regular old rice krispie treats and spread them out on a sheet tray to cool, this kept them thinner so they weren't too heavy on the stick and I got more hearts out of the batch.  With a metal cookie cuter I cut out the hearts, any extra edges I formed into balls for the kids to dip and keep at home. 

 In my opinion every treat feels a little fancier on a stick, but I think the key to keeping it on the stick is to dip about an inch of the stick in your melted chocolate first then stick it in the treat, let that cool then dip the treat and add sprinkles. The coated stick acts as glue and should keep you from fishing fallen rice krispie chunks out of your melted chocolate!

 I used pink candy melts, and red sugar for the decorations. 

To finished them off I wrapped each one in a cake pop wrapper, these and the sticks I found near the candy melts and cake decorating supplies.

So quick and cute!!!

I'd almost rather have this bouquet instead of roses!

OK, who am I kidding.. I just now want BOTH!!!


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