Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Easy Homemade "Super" Hero Valentine's

This is our first year of "school" valentine's and while I have seen so many amazing ideas online when it came to actually doing them I totally dropped the ball so in the 11th hour, which seems to be when I do my best work I came up with these.  My superhero loving little buddy is totally satisfied and they are done with a day to spare so I'm doing back flips.. OK maybe not real ones, but in my head I'm doing them!!!

The idea came from the cute cards I've been seeing on Pinterest, made from a photo of a kiddo holding out a closed fist like they are handing you a sucker. Too lazy to take a new picture and needing to satisfy my little guys request for anything superhero I used this picture I already had of my little man in his Clark Kent/Superman costume (tutorial for that costume here).  To put a twist on the sucker card idea you could have your little one dress up as a super hero or princess whatever they like and do the same thing. I just got lucky and already had one that would work.

Now use any photo editing software to add a message.  I have photoshop, but a lot of times I just use Picasa, it is an easy to use program that you can download for free in seconds.  For ours I topped the photo with, "Have a "SUPER" sweet Valentine's Day!" And then on the bottom, "Your Friend, Braxton".  If you have a photo printer you can print them right at your house.  I uploaded mine to Walmart.com and picked them up an hour later when I bought the suckers.

To insert the sucker or whatever candy you choose, just use a punch and make the holes as close to the edge of the closed fist as possible.

Add the sucker...

Now do 25 more or how ever many you need and that's it, even this procrastinator is done with school Valentine's and no one will know that I left this to the last minute.  That will be our little secret!

So even if you haven't even started on your cards yet, you still have time to make these.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!


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