Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Vintage Milk Can Table Tutorial

Vintage metal milk cans are so cool.  I bought one at a thrift store last year,  but after moving it several times I just couldn't find the perfect use for it as is so I decided to try making a table and I'm so excited about how it turned out!

The milk can was originally a light blue and a little rusty.  So I cleaned it up and then gave it a quick coat of brown spray paint.

The "table top" or round piece of wood was actually a large lazy susan that came with another table I had in my stash, but had no intention of using so it was the perfect re-purpose. 

 I just took off the swivel attachments on the bottom, gave it a light sand and cleaned it up. To attach the two pieces, I set the table top on the can, centered it and then used a pencil to trace the underside around the milk can top. 

 Next, take the table off lightly wet just inside where you traced and along the rim of the milk can then add a light layer of gorilla glue on both, center the table top back on the milk can and use some weights or paint cans to press the two together and seal the bond over night.  

Once the glue is completely dry and the two are sealed, I painted everything flat white.

Now, use sand paper to distress the edges of the table and raised portions of the can and finally seal with some clear wax.

The final result is a rustic, unique, super sturdy table that I LOVE!

Super cute and easy! Don't pass up another milk can, find one and make this today.


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