Sunday, September 1, 2013

Under Bed Distressed Drawers Become Rolling Shoe Storage

As a parent you hope that you instill in your children good qualities, like kindness, honesty, humility, those are still a work in progress in our home, but shoe hoarding seems to be something we've got figured out!!  Embarrassing, I know and it is all my fault, but little girls shoes (and big girls for that matter) are so darn cute!  But what is not cute is the heap that all those cute little shoes end up in making finding a matching pair in a hurry nearly impossible, so I took an idea I saw on pinterest to reuse old drawers and added a little rustic flare and we LOVE them!

These drawers are left over from the dresser TV stand I made a few months ago (tutorial here).  The fronts were already ivory, so I just quickly brushed some off white paint on the rest of the drawers, inside and out.

Since my little girls room is turquoise and red, (or at least that is the end goal if i ever get her bedding finished), I brushed a little turquoise on the fronts and along the top edges of the drawers where I thought I would distress.

Now for the red, I covered all areas with it.  But since it's going to get a good distressing this doesn't have to be perfect just slap it on.

For the finishing touches I distressed the drawers with some sand paper, covered them both in dark wax and added some cute star knobs from Hobby Lobby. Finally the wheels, I actually screwed these on before painting just to make sure they would fit under her bed but you could do them at any point.  These were the smallest wheels I could find at Home Depot, they are easy to attach with a few small screws.  Make sure that you get the fixed wheels not the swivel or caster wheels, just really basic back and forth is all you need.

Pretty cute huh?

Roughed up and rustic just the way we like it.

These drawers solve our shoe storage problem...

they are adorable...

and super easy to get things in and out.

Now my turn to pair down my shoes to fit under my bed.  Who am I kidding... like that's ever gonna happen ;)

So while we work on those other far more important things (kindness, honesty, humility.. see above) at least we'll be able to find two shoes that match.


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