Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY No Mess Play Makeup

As promised yesterday with the No Mess Play Lipstick, this is the rest of the No Mess Play Makeup that I made for my little diva!  Tired of all the mess from her never ending makeovers I was forced to find a better way.  I tried to give her an old MAC powder compact that was empty, but my smart little cookie was not fooled and immediately demanded one WITH makeup!  Really... I can't even fool a 2 year old, I'm in big trouble, aren't I??? So with a little help from some old compacts and nail polish the project has been a huge success.
Once the compact is completely cleaned and dried, pour in a layer of nail polish.  I say pour because you want a pretty thick layer to completely cover the bottom of the compact.  I used a gold color for the "powder".  Since the layer is thick it may take a bit to fully dry, so I let mine set out overnight with the lid open, this way it dries and the nail polish smell fades.  
For the "eye shadow" I did some fun pink, purple and sparkly colors in one compact.
And some bright pink and reds for the other.
Brushes are a must for any budding makeup artist, the longer handles are easier for little hands to use.  If you have some old ones laying around that works great, I love these e.l.f. brushes you can find them at Target or online at www.eyeslipsface.com they are $1 a piece.
She just got these last week and we have already had hours and hours of fun!  Not only does she like to do her own "makeup", she also really enjoys doing mine!!! So around here the two year old wielding the makeup brush and compact demanding, "Mommy sit, Mommy sit".... definitely RULES!



  1. This and the lipstick are wonderful ideas. I only wish I had this idea when my daughter was younger. I will pass it on to some of my friends with young girls.

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  3. OMG!! Thanks for this awesome idea!! My daughter is also a girly girl & loves makeup, she doesn't get fooled either she knows when there is something in it lol... I'm going to try this, i know she will love it!!