Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Burlap No Sew Tree Skirt

Once again, Christmas is sneaking up on me way too quickly!!!  With both of the kids' birthdays tucked neatly in between thanksgiving and Christmas (insert extreme eye roll here) chaos this time of year is normal, but this year it seems even worse.  I meant to tackle this no sew ruffle burlap tree skirt project months ago, but yesterday I finally got it done.  Hey, at least I snuck it in before December... barely!
This really is so easy, all you need is material in a circle, to make it really easy I used the old cheap tree skirt I already had.  You can find really inexpensive tree skirts at Walmart for a few dollars or maybe even at the Dollar Store this time of year.  You also need a hot glue gun, LOTS of glue sticks and some burlap.  I used about 3 yards of natural burlap from Joann's, but how much you use depends on how "ruffley" you want it... yes in my world "ruffley" is a word!
To make the ruffles, I cut the burlap into about 2 inch strips.  Don't worry about cutting it straight or measuring, the ruffling will hid any rough edges so just cut it as fast as possible which is my usual no patience speed so that you can get to gluing. 
I started at the bottom of the skirt on a far edge and using a line of glue tacked down the burlap strips, pinching a little of the strips and pressing it down again to make the ruffle.  Just do small sections at a time because your glue will cool quickly.  Again, just glue it down not worrying too much about being perfect, because the next layer is going to overlap it on top slightly to help cover and spots you missed.
Here is what it looks like almost finished.  You can layer the burlap with other fabric colors or patterns.  My tree is pretty rustic so I wanted one solid color, but you could also finish it off with ribbon around the top and bottom.. whatever your little gluing heart desires.
Finally just wrap your adorable finished skirt around the bottom of your tree....
And... ta-dah!!!!  Pretty cute huh?!?  This does take a little time, so put on a Christmas movie and get to gluing... you will be glad you did :)
My one piece of advice, if you have never worked with burlap it looks amazing but all the little fibers are pretty messy.  If you can, do this project in your garage or porch to make the cleanup easier.  Of course since I am a complete procrastinator and with Christmas just around the corner it is too cold to work outside so I sat on my living room floor and made a huge mess... but since it's hardwood the cleanup was pretty painless.  
I'm so behind on Christmas decorating that only the tree and a few stocking are hung up, but hey it's better than nothin'.
Here's to yet again vowing to be more organized next year, at least next year the tree skirt will already be done :)


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