Friday, May 4, 2012

Thrift-ed Armoire Update

 I picked up this "treasure" at a thrift store last week for 20 bucks!!!  It's an old entertainment center/armoire that had seen better days.  The back panel was duct taped on and it was pretty scratched up, but since I decided to move my last armoire re-do project that was in our bedroom to my craft chaos room I needed to   replace it.
I'm so excited with how it turned out!  Shabby chic-tastic :)

The inside had one shelf which is intended for a tv... I'm not sure if I will use it as a tv stand or for hanging clothes so I'm going to add a clothes bar at the top just so I have that option.  Thankfully the majority of this piece is solid wood so I just took the hardware off, gave it a good wipe down and since I'm using Behr paint and primer in one in Moonlight White I started painting.
Instead of painting the back panel I covered it with a drop cloth.  It's just a regular old tan canvas drop cloth from Home Depot.  A friend taught me this trick, drop clothes are a durable, super cheap fabric choice.. who knew right???  I set down the back on a corner of the drop cloth and cut around it then used a little spray adhesive to tack it down.

After your two coats of paint dry, nail the covered panel to the back of the piece and ta-da!
For a few extra bucks I added a dowel and plastic rod cups to the inside just in case I want to use it to hang clothes at a later date :)  Hey a girl needs options!!!
I really like the country white color with the tan back, it's just enough difference to give the piece a little textural difference and break up the white.
To rough it up a little I used a combo of steel wool and a sanding block to go along the edges and distress the panels.
Just rub until you reach the look you are going for.
For now I just set up a few pictures, but I'm really happy with how it turned out!  Not bad for a 20 dollar piece of furniture :)  Hope you like it!

Lindsey :)

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